Brief Introduction of
the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics (ITAG)
at Peking University



The 8th floor of the 2nd Science Building, ITAG/SESS, Peking University, Beijing 100871 CHINA
Office: 010-62755979; Fax: 010-62758260;

The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Geophysics (ITAG) at School of Earth and Space Sciences (SESS), Peking University was established in October 2001 when Department of Geophysics, Department of Geology, and the Center for Remote Sensing jointed together to form the SESS. While being a relatively new program, the long-term vision/objective is to turn ITAG into an internationally recognized geophysics program, which not only produces excellent students with potential becoming top-niche scientists but also conducts high quality researches. To achieve this objective efforts have been focused on (a) attracting talented scientists, (b) improving observational facility, and (c) establishing a democratic system that involves all faculties.

Currently, ITAGs faculty includes 4 associate professors and 6 professors, including 2 Chang Jiang chair professors. Half of the 10-teaching faculty received their Ph.D. degrees outside of China (two from US, one from UK, and two from Japan), and particularly all these faculty joined the program within the past 10 years. Research areas of the faculty cover almost all of the currently active areas of geophysics:
    Theoretical seismology and physics of the earths interior
    Seismotectonics and geodynamics
    Earthquake physics
    Exploration geophysics
    Earthquake engineering
    Marine geophysics and plate tectonics

Funded by national grants and grants from Peking University, ITAG has significantly expanded its geophysical field observation equipments including:
    40 portable broadband seismometers (RefTech 130-01 recorders plus Guralp CMG-3ESP
    seismometers, 60 sec to 50 Hz);
    3 portable LaCoster & Romberg Model G gravitymeters;
    4 portable geo-electrometers and geo-magnetometers;
    1 200-ton 3-components hydraulic compressor system;
    1 64-nodes PC-clusters
    1 Seismic data processing system including 7 Sun workstations

ITAG currently has 15 staff, 3 postdoc, and 40+ graduate students (half MS and half Ph.D.). ITAGs faculty has kept close contact with the international earth science community and its active program has attracted many international scientists for short or long visits boosting active exchange between ITAG at Peking University and international community.

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